Fab Heavy Parts Review Program

Welcome, automotive enthusiasts! Fab Heavy Parts is excited to invite you to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

We have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of fellow auto enthusiasts in our inbox. If you have not yet experienced our premium parts and are considering giving them a try, there is no better time than now to seize this opportunity!

We wish you’re the great minds such as:
1) High-tech person, excelling in DIY project build
2) Tuning-related influencer, engaging in trends making, interacting with followers
3) Like to review all kinds of diesel engine parts/agricultural machine parts/construction machine parts and have a certain number of followers on social media
4) Own large agricultural machines or construction machines that require daily maintenance and share daily use of them on social media
5) Anyone interested in auto parts can contact us

What we expect from you:
1)  Show us what you got either with your work proof or social media channel, amaze us with elaborations on how will make a difference to make our parts seen
2)  Sponsored parts will be sent to you after our evaluation
3)  Make and share review content on social media, forum and blog, including but not limited to unboxing, installation, dyno test, road test, before & after comparison and so forth.
4)  Offer us high-quality photos and videos and entitle us with the full access to them.
5)  Send us your constructive and helpful suggestions for improving our products.

What you'll benefit from the program:
Free parts for your project!
10% discount for the next purchase!

Program Specifics:
Reviews can be shared at: marketing@fabheavy.com or submit your information the form below, we will contact you.

The content you submit should be relevant and based on your own honest opinions and experience.

Fab Heavy Parts have the rights to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate the written, portraiture, photographic, audio, and audiovisual reports provided by the participants.